The Studio
The Studio

-: Conover Smith :-
csmith [at]
Using a range of medias, Conover frees his pieces in his
sculpture studio in Sunol, Calfiornia.
When not wearing his artist's apron, he designs tradeshow exhibits.
His design portfolio is available at:

-: Connie DeGrange :-
cdegrange [at]
Connie wrote A Place Called Sunol, an in-depth history of the little town of Sunol, Calfiornia. A collection of pictures, interviews, facts and stories about a town with a strong community spirit and a sense of place.
The book is available for purchase at:

-: Martin Smith :- [at]
Martin designs websites (including this one) under the name InterCottage Industries. He is currently a 3rd year Bio/Comp Sci Double major at University of California, Irvine. His design portfolio is available at: